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Established Brokerages

Agent Based Brokerages

REALTORS® carefully select brokerages based on their individual business philosophies and expectations.
Brokers must meet expectations or run the risk of losing their REALTOR® to another brokerage.
Successfully recruiting new agents while retaining the existing agents are the ambitions of an agent based brokerage.

Blue Jean Business Solutions understand this relationship.
Unexpected Staff Transition?
Blue Jean Business Solutions focuses on maintaining systems and supports during periods of staffing transitions
and holiday scheduling.

Staff transitions are virtually seamless because Blue Jean Business Solutions understands real estate administration
and is experienced in both the Lone Wolf Realty Management System and Borran RealBroker software.

Reduce the risk of fraud?
Sourcing out month end procedures allows brokerages to limit risk of fraud by implementing segregation of duties,
a key element of financial control.

Review Current Procedures?
Blue Jean Business Solutions will recommend and implement streamlined procedures to promote reallocation
of resources and encourage business development.

Deal Administration  |  Bank Reconciliations  |  Accounts Payable  |  Accounts Receivable  |  New Realtor Orientation
Paging Solutions  |  Financial Statements  |  Budgeting  |  Conveyance  |  Year End Audit Liaison


Small Brokerages

Selling Brokers create an individual identity that is based on a personal business methodology. As the brokerage evolves it becomes apparent that the administrative portion of the business diverts much attention from vendors and purchasers.
As the methodology becomes known to the market, like-minded REALTORS® are often drawn to the brokerage.

Blue Jean Business Solutions understands this evolution.
Administrative Duties interfering with sales?
Blue Jean Business Solutions offers full-service and à la carte services to fit any budget and business model.
Sourcing out administrative tasks frees time and allows brokers to refocus on customers, family and friends.

What is the Next Step?
Blue Jean Business Solutions can assist in this process. Whether considering revenue generating streams
or agent expansion, it is important to consider the full impact on a brokerage.